Coachella Valley Arts Institute (CVAI) was previously known as Futurenomic Resources (FRI). The mission of Coachella Valley Arts Institute is to provide education and work creatively with music and performing arts to promote the improvement of self-esteem, fitness and economic status through professional training and project completion for low-income and at-risk youth artists. CVAI is hybrid private school focused on early graduation, early college entry, as well as artistic training and job skill development while implementing STEM Programming for our students. Perfect for music artists, gifted, adolescent parents or bullied students who want to get an early start on a desired career.

Since incorporation, CVAI has evolved to helping students graduate early and enroll in college to pursue their dreams. Tutoring, mentoring and job training is now offered along with the accelerated teaching.

Coachella Valley Arts Institute, established as a 501(c)3 in 2005. At-risk and low income youth can learn how a studio works, from pre-production to post-production. In addition to recording, the students learn about music promotion and booking, how to devise a business plan and how to organize a public event such as a concert or art show. Our organization promotes the use of clean, positive and self-esteem building lyrics, dance and expressive art.

Our youngest graduate, Lena Saucedo, graduated high school at 15 and then graduated college at 17. This made her the youngest to graduate from College Of The Desert of Palm Desert, CA in 2015.


Governing Board

Executive Director & CFO: Sarahyah Yisrael, Social Entrepreneur

President & Artistic Director: Vicci Flame, Music Producer & Owner of Pop Icon Records

Secretary: Imani Fields, Music enthusiast and college student

Treasurer: Prince B. Lit, Owner of 311 Digital

Outreach Director: Naisha Johnson, Mother, Desert Hot Springs native and enthusiast

Advisory Board

John Jimenez: Attorney, Jimenez Law Offices

James Reed: College of the Desert Representative, Radio & Liberal Arts

Brian Michaelz: Michaelz Media

Alvin Taylor: ATM Productions, world famous drummer

Delia Ruiz: Painter & Artist

Gregory Watton: KliK Events, Clizbeats and Larry Live’s EVERY DAY DOPE LIFE