Please contact us for more information about enrollment or any other questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I enroll my student?

Thank you for your interest in CVAI. You can begin the enrollment process by contacting our office. they will schedule your consultation to see if you are eligible for enrollment.

Q. How old does my student need to be?

We provide tutoring for all ages. However, to enroll and begin preparation the take the California exit exam, the student must be 15.

Q. Is this an alternative school?

No, CVAI is a private school that is considered accelerated not alternative. There is a screening process and not everyone will be allowed to attend. Our students will be provided with a safe environment to learn that is fast pace.

Q. Do you still offer music programs and studio time?

Yes. Please contact us for rates.

Q. Do you enroll students out of state?

Yes, our school is a hybrid and offers distant learning program. If the student is eligible to take the exam, they may enroll with CVAI. The test can only be administered in California. When the time comes to test, the student will have to come and take the exam in California.