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Our customers are our supporters and they are our top priority. Hire our graduates and other industry professionals with CVAI. All payments made are 100% tax deductible! Get quality work and support the arts. It is a win-win. Check out our service list below.

Hire someone or take a class from CVAI and your payment is your donation. Thank you for your support!


Now offering: Tutoring On Demand!

We have many tutors in various areas. Let us pair your student for ultimate success.

Serving all of California and out-of-state (online only). Contact us for more information and to book a session. All sessions start at competitive rates of $45 an hour. We specialize in all subject areas.


CVAI is here for your school pictures and senior portraits starting at $50. We can shoot for modeling / acting / fitness / corporate / even social-media needs too!

Package A: $280 | 2-3 hour shoot which includes 5 looks and 5 edits/retouches. On-location. Get a headshot, fashion shot, a few images for social media and an image for your loved one all in 1 photo shoot!

Package B: $240 | 2-hour shoot with 4 looks and 4 edits/retouches. On-location. Ideal for commercial and theatrical headshots (multiple characters), and fashion shots.

Package C: $200 | 90-minute shoot with 3 looks and 3 edits/retouches. On-location.

Package D: $160 | 60-minute shoot with 2 looks and 2 edits/retouches. On-location.

Photo Session Specials includes:

-Multiple wardrobe changes/looks

-No limit on images taken

-24-hour Turnaround Time for Proofs. All high-resolution proofs will be uploaded via photo-sharing site for you to view and download.

-Your choice of final images to be retouched/airbrushed and ready for print. This includes removing blemishes, color correction/contrast, whitening teeth, brightening eyes, smoothing the skin, braces removal, etc. Contact us for more information and to book a session.


Music Videos, starting at $100.00. Contact us for more information and to book a session.


Song Mastering, starting at $75.00. Contact us for more information and to book a session.


Personal domain and site creation, starting at $100.00. Contact us for a consultation.

Social media management:

Marketing and management of all social media forums for business. Contact us for a consultation.


Online and print advertising for your business. Contact us for a consultation.

Are you a business and a member of the Chamber of Commerce in 29 Palms? We are offering a 10% discount on our services! Not valid with any other promotions.

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